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Learning Model

Why does a person want to do his PGDM/MBA ? Is it money, growth in life, knowledge, managerial skill sets? The answer would be a mixture of all these ingredients. The person expects a certain value addition to happen to him/her and value addition does not come easy.

At IMIS, we focus three fundamental aspects viz; Discipline, Leadership, Commitment.

Discipline has been acting as an important value in systematizing the thinking, creating and processing information, at IMIS in every spheres. The sense of discipline has attributed not only to the goal setting process but also contributed enormously to the success of the organization. At IMIS the key to Leadership has always taken the form of accepting higher degrees of responsibilities by every element. The secret of IMIS leaders has been their degree of involvement in achieving the cause as well as the bent of their learning the required behavioral skills. IMIS does not regard Commitment as a dormant activity rather than it emphasizes it as a real time practice. This results in the achievement of excellence in the quality of work life.

This philosophy drives our pedagogy and curriculum. The preceding batches of our alumni have proved their mettle in the tough grind of the corporate world. Their success could be attributed to the rigor and grit of these years at IMIS. With emphasis given to not only the fundamentals of academics, but also all-round development of the individual, the student when he walks out of these doors is no longer a student, but an executive toughened to take on the battles of the corporate world.