The IMIS Alumni Association (TIAA), Bhubaneswar

Director General's Message

Dear Alumnus,

I welcome you all to the new website of IMIS Alumni Association.

Over the last two decades, IMIS has always been at the forefront in choosing innovative pedagogies and methodologies to teach and prepare students to face the tumultuously dynamic business world. So far, we have strived hard to offer a good launching pad sufficient enough to challenge initial circumstances. Today we stand strong and feel proud to see our alumni, excelling in their career across different levels and sectors.

As an alumni, you are our brandambassador to carry the burden of our strongst hopes and aspirations. I am extremely confident that we have equipped you well enough to take IMIS to new greater heights. While excelling in your own pursuit of excellence, keep yourself connected and engaged to your alma mater through this website and contribute to the institute’s pursuit of excellence.

I hope this Alumni Association website helps you broaden your network, stay connected and maintain a strong and meaningful relationship with us.

I wish you happiness and success in your endeavor.

H. K. Patnaik
Director General
IMIS Bhubaneswar

The IMIS Alumni Association (TIAA), Bhubaneswar